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Smart tv Set up instructions
Smart Tv Guide (Smart Iptv App)
Guide for Smart TV
1) Open your Smart Hub in the TV (Samsung apps/LG apps)
2) Search for Smart IPTV and install it
3) Open the Smart IPTV and take a Note of your Mac Address
4) Go to (on PC)
5) In External playlist link
6) Add your Mac address that u have noted down and add your m3u
7) Change to your country and tick keep online
8) Wait for few seconds and it will show a message saying Channels has been updated
9) Now restart the Smart IPTV app on your TV and you will see the play list loaded
10) Enjoy
Note: Smart IPTV app is not ours, and they provide 7 days trial and after that you need to pay a onetime payment to use
smart IPTV for life time.
If your having problems with EPG Language issues try this.
On the Mylist page
it's now possible to select EPG country priority for your M3U playlist, so EPG for common channel names (Discovery,
Nickelodeon etc.) is selected according to your chosen country priority. This is made to detect the language of EPG for your
M3U playlist channels more appropriately.

Local Playlist

Stream audio language can still be overridden by using the following codes in the TXT type of playlist:

epgCode,Channel Name,,ru
avi,Video pro Zajchika,,en

Using this parameter, the spicific audio language will be forced. In this case “ru” – Russian. You can check the audio tracks in VLC, language codes are listed here:

Examples: ru – Russian, en – English, de – German, lt – Lithuanian, et – Estonian etc..

The track change can be delayed up to 10 sec. Use only in case the TV selects inappropriate track. Could probably work on Multicast streams (UDP).